Emiliano Ena

Sound Artist / Percussionist / Travel Guide / Menswork

Emiliano is a Renaissance man who has been involved with Sound for over 20 years and worked in the Travel industry as a guide all over Europe and North Africa for the last 8.

His passion and body of work today is to use Sound, Rhythm and Travel as Medicine to bring wellbeing, homeostasis and presence to individuals and groups. 

Is interested in the process other than the outcome and into what happens when we make the effort to go beyond our imaginary barriers. 

He currently studies under the mentorship of SVARAM Sound Experience ™  and his approach is highly influenced by the Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. 

Since 2020 he co-leads Stillpoint: A journey of Soma and Sound with Alyssa, an experience that regulates the ParaSympathetic Nervous System.

He organizes trips to the desert of Sudan and pilgrimage treks in his homeland Italy on a regular basis.

He is part of the JourneyMen Eastern Circle USA.

He is constantly inspired by pure nature, running waters and the impact of rhythm and drums on a human being.

Stay tuned on his Mixcloud Channel, where you can hear sounds from all around the globe transcending borders. #OpenHearts #OpenRoads.

Sonic Journey playlist by OpenRoads

High Vibrations to All! Sound Matters

Crystal Hoffman

Crystal is a Clinical and Folk Herbalist, Yogini, Traditional Astrologer, Journey Work Practitioner, and Story Teller.

She combines all of these healing tools in her one-on-one healing work with clients and teaches courses on plant magic and medicine which reveal the elegance of how scientific and spiritual perspectives of healing mirror one another.

Her magical work started young, palm reading in middle school and giving tarot readings in high school everywhere from AP Bio to the office of her gas station job where she also happened to work as the town herbalist.

After leaving her career as a professor of poetry and literature, she spent nearly a decade studying with healers from various traditions around the globe in pursuit of freeing herself from debilitating chronic illnesses.

After passing the gifts that she gleaned from that healing on to numerous suffering friends and family members, she decided to follow her calling as the legs of the plants and the voice of the stars.

She has since guided hundreds of students and clients through their own healing journeys and continues to strive to learn, listen, and serve in equal balance.