Emiliano Ena

Multi Instrumentalist / Rhythm & Change Ambassador

DJ for over two decades, percussionist and multi instrumentalist. He main skill is to create the soundscapes for Dance journeys and movement practice using live instruments and technology.

From personal experience firmly believes that where people gather through music and dance there is a possibility they can have profound experiences. That is why he is fully dedicated to revive this ancient ritual we can relate to with no exceptions. It’s in our DNA.

Drawing inspiration many different cultures, pilgrimages, nature and his love for world music and sufi zikrremembrance – his sets tend to be non-linear, transcending genre and styles.

Emiliano is 5 Rhythms® accredited Spaceholder and Teacher in Training and works on a regular basis with his Alyssa spinning Waves® in Pittsburgh and Italy.

Since 2020 they established Stillpoint: A journey of Soma and Sound , an experience that regulates the ParaSympathetic Nervous System using Breath and Sound.

He is part of the research team and mentored by the SVARAM Sound Experience Institute

At 42 years old is going back to study to become an ER Medic. Maybe this will inspire others to shift paths as well when is needed. Not fitting into any box. The mundane is not separate from Spirit, like the Wild one lives in the disciplined.

Stay tuned on his Mixcloud Channel, where you can hear sounds from all around the globe transcending borders.

Overall is happily the water carrier of B3 Productions.

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