Welcome to our collective of somatics, sounds and musings. Our purpose is to produce journeys for self-world exploration by harnessing the creative energies of our environment/landscape through sound and movement. 

Where the breath is leveraged as an essential tool to explore and communicate with the body. 

Where movement is a trustworthy, reliable life companion and portal to healing and self-expression. 

Where sound or the lack of, is honored and deemed medicine for the soul. 

We embrace and enhance the expression of individual unique artistry through community collaboration.

Featured Event

The StillPoint is an invitation to quietly release and connect with the body and activate the flow of chi through the body’s subtler channels. Passive in nature, this yin practice will focus on breath work and long holds. We will create space to tune in and communicate with ourselves, while utilizing the breath and sound as tools to initiate equanimity and transformation. 

This somatic yin-journey will be guided by Alyssa Doré (Pittsburgh) and accompanied by a LIVEBROADCAST ambient-soundscape by Emiliano Ena (Rome). 

The StillPoint is suitable for every body and experience level.  

Join us for the big slow down.  

Guests will receive a confirmation email with event link  and further details once registered.


  • Yoga Mat and 2 blankets
  • Clear and create a space that you are able to lie down in comfortably
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Consider creating a supportive ambiance for your practice. Light a candle, create an altar, make some holy smoke.