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7:00PM to 9:00PM

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Wightman Building – 5604 Solway Street – 3rd Floor – Ballroom – Pittsburgh, PA 15217


》OCTOBER 14TH 2022 – 6PM – 7:30PM

》NOVEMBER 11TH 2022 – 6PM – 7:30PM

SNEHA – 5432 Butler Street PGH, PA 15201 – Lawrenceville

The Still Point is an invitation to connect with the deepest tissues of the body and to activate the flow of chi through the body’s subtler channels. A lunar somatic and sound bathing practice of focused breathwork and long restorative pauses, The Still Point encourages the deep release of the physical and emotional body.

Slow Down the Tempo.

The StillPoint will gently guide the breath through an intimate conversation with organs, tissues and cells with the support of vibrational sound and restorative yoga props.  Lunar in nature, you will tune internally to your cellular level frequencies and invite with breath and asana, the soft transmutation of the low level disturbances within that often go unacknowledged.

A Peaceful Soul Soak.

The StillPoint is suitable for every body and experience level.  This is a ‘floor-based’ practice, meaning, your body will relax on the earth, supported by blankets bolsters and any other softness we can bring to the mat, throughout the session.

This somatic lunar-journey will be guided by Alyssa Doré (Pittsburgh) and accompanied by a LIVE ambient-soundscape – sound bath – spun by Emiliano Ena (Italy).

*wear warm, comfy clothes that layer