Welcome to our collective of somatics, sounds and musings. Our purpose is to produce journeys for self-world exploration by harnessing the creative energies of our environmental landscape through sound and movement. 

Breath is leveraged as an essential tool to explore and communicate with the body.

Movement is a trustworthy, reliable life companion and portal to healing and self-expression.

Sound or the lack of is honored and deemed medicine for the soul.

We embrace and enhance the expression of individual unique artistry through Community collaboration.

Featured Events

Dear dancing feet : Stay tuned…

We decided to reschedule The Groove Lab for 2022.

This offering will enter a period of winter incubation and will be born in EARLY SPRING.

We still need your support to manifest it into the real world. Our intention is to build a community Party and Co-Create with you at the same time. So..

We are still currently looking for:
🔺 Musicians (Preferred drums and percussions)

🔺 Another Music Selector to guide alongside Emiliano

🔺 1 x Art Craft Vendor

And last but not least, a few crew members to help with the following:
🔸 Front Door/Entry (2 people – 1 hour shift per person)
🔸 Cacao / Kava Servers (2 people – 1.5 hour shift per person)
If you are interested in either of these opportunities – reach out to emiliano@b3productions.com to discuss.

For Artist/Vendors: Please send relevant links of your art /work / music



THE GROOVE LAB is the intention to of offer the Pittsburgh community an alternative dance floor space.

A community party where you can move, connect, relax and engage without the proverbial club scene setting.

Finding new ways to gather and celebrate as we nurture our local and global wellbeing. This is not a practice, it’s a party!

🛸 Alcohol Free Environment 🛸 Bring Your Weirdest, Wildest Friends 🛸 Bring Curiosity 🛸 Elixir and Cacao beverages available for purchase 🛸 Lounge Corner 🛸 2000watt Speakers 🛸 Wooden Floor

Wednesday Night SWEATS

7:00PM to 9:00PM

Wightman Building – 5607 Solway Street – 3rd Floor – Studio 306 – Pittsburgh, PA 15217

5Rhythms® Sweat with Alyssa & Emiliano.
This duo will spin Waves, holding space for this class with minimal instruction. This is an opportunity to delve deeper into your personal dance meditation, following the body’s intelligence, while guided by the music through the rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness. The 5Rhythms® – are states of Being. They are a map to everywhere we want to go, on all planes of consciousness – inner and outer, forward and back, physical, emotional, and intellectual.

Created by Gabrielle Roth and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching across all languages, cultures and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness and awareness into action. Wherever the 5Rhythms® are practiced, a community is born to dance, to sweat, to change, to support and to provide a safe space for each of us to shatter the ego’s hold and awaken the juicy, unpredictable, fascinating, edge-walking, rock star part of ourselves that yearns to be free. 

Alyssa is mentored by Ann Kite of 5Rhythms® DC and Charlottesville. 

Emiliano is mentored by Emma Leech of 5Rhythms® UK and Italy.

Meet us in the beat? 


For the time being, B3 Productions will be following current 5Rhythms® recommendations regarding COVID protocols.

Going forward we will require participants to have a negative Rapid Antigen test within 48 hours of any workshop or class.

You may instead choose to submit proof of vaccination.

This is to protect not just the participants but almost more importantly to protect those that they go home to and who they go back to work with after workshops and classes who may be especially vulnerable due to age or medical reasons.

Note: We are accepting OTC self-administered tests. You can easily find these at local pharmacies like Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens. Results are ready in 20 min.

STILLPOINT Lunar Practice

SATURDAY Dec 18th / 5:30p – 7p

THURSDAY Dec 23rd / 5:30p – 7p

The Still Point is an invitation to connect with the deepest tissues of the body and to activate the flow of chi through the body’s subtler channels. A lunar somatic and sound practice of focused breathwork and long restorative pauses, The Still Point encourages the deep release of the physical and emotional body.

Slow Down the Tempo.

The StillPoint will gently guide the breath through an intimate conversation with organs, tissues and cells with the support of vibrational sound and restorative yoga props.  Lunar in nature, you will tune internally to your cellular level frequencies and invite with breath and asana, the soft transmutation of the low level disturbances within that often go unacknowledged.

A Peaceful Soul Soak.

The StillPoint is suitable for every body and experience level.  This is a ‘floor-based’ practice, meaning, your body will relax on the earth, supported by blankets bolsters and any other softness we can bring to the mat, throughout the practice.

This somatic lunar-journey will be guided by Alyssa Doré (Pittsburgh) and accompanied by a LIVE ambient-soundscape spun by Emiliano Ena (Italy).

*wear warm, comfy clothes that layer