Meet Alyssa

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa Jurewicz-Johns has been holding space for community healing for authentic relating and somatic awareness for over fifteen years.

Her foundations root deeply and are rife with the pressure needed to form diamonds from coal. She inspires a clarity in others that she has spent decades polishing within her own spirit through selfless dedication to nurturing and learning from our country’s most vulnerable populations and decades of commitment to self-reflection and internal alchemy.

Due to this work, she easily enters a flow of mutual trust and respect in the diverse environments where she carries her medicine–from homeless shelters to yoga studios and assisted care living facilities to dance halls. 

She is a skilled, compassionate, and creative yogini who reads the maps of individual bodies with true heart-centered interest and guides with pure presence.

She brings that same presence to the 5Rhythms® dancing path.  It has been reflected that she is a force of nature on the dance floor. And, indeed, profound portals are opened and entire emotional landscapes washed clean when she hits the floor or spins sound. 

She thrives in collaboration with both individuals and groups. In the classroom, board-room, or even your living room, she creates unique and adaptable platforms for self-exploration and interpersonal engagement. 

She serves curated recipes of movement, breath-work, self-care rituals, and sound healing that pull from a variety of studies and creative movement platforms. Judith Hansen Lasater, B.K.S Iyengar, Shandor Remete, Ido Portal, Ana Forrest, Gabrielle Roth and Anodea Judith are major contributors to Alyssa’s unique style of movement and breath offerings.

As a student of life, Alyssa has a passion for travel, a yearning for experiences and a neverending appetite to learn–Alyssa’s work never stops evolving. She is dedicated to bringing back the magic and mysteries that she unearths to the Pittsburgh community that she so dearly loves. She sees her own growth and healing as opportunities to serve and a responsibility to share–which is, in turn, her greatest joy. She sincerely hopes to meet you very soon on the path.