Embodiment Practices

5Rhythms® SWEAT

Alyssa will spin Waves, holding space for this class with minimal instruction. This is an opportunity to delve deeper into your personal dance meditation, following the body’s intelligence, while guided by the music through the rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness. The 5Rhythms® – are states of Being. They are a map to everywhere we want to go, on all planes of consciousness – inner and outer, forward and back, physical, emotional, and intellectual.

Private Soma & Sound Sessions

Private sessions offer you the ability to dive into your own personal story, interests and healing. Private sessions with Alyssa are supportive for individuals that are looking to receive guidance in developing unique practices that unlock truth through movement and sound. Sessions explore, build and expand your ability to step into ways of being in rhythm with your intution and enhance the manner in which one moves energy and emotion through the body.

Contact Alyssa to schedule.

The Still Point. Lunar Practice

The Still Point is an invitation to connect with the deepest tissues of the body and to activate the flow of chi through the body’s subtler channels. A yin practice of focused breathwork and long holds, The Still Point encourages the deep release of connective tissue, ligaments, joints, bones, and fascia networks of the body. This practice provides an opportunity to create physical, as well as mental, harmony.

Solar Sequences

In this class, we focus our intelligence on our bodies to create space, strength, stability, and mobility in an unorthodox manner. Using traditional asanas, yet many non-usual exercises taken from modern biomechanics, we target specific joints, muscle groups and bones, habitual movements, and posture to develop a non-judgmental look at ourselves as the object of study. The use of straps, blocks, the wall, and other elements enhance the journey through unfamiliar areas in our anatomy as well as into old habits, physical and emotional. Deepening the understanding of our own movement is the catalyst for awareness and change. Challenging, yet accessible to all, options to modify provided for all levels of practice.

The Bardo

Co-Produced by the artistic and enigmatic energies of Jesi Lynch Rivera and Alyssa Doré, The Bardo is a container for an artistic collective community that honors presence, belonging, authenticity, vulnerability, gift sharing and the creative embodied expression of every human. The Bardo is a space that dances between the known and unknown; expansion and contraction; collapse and creation; and catastrophe and renewal to generate new experience and expression of varied forms in every moment.  Honoring ancient and primordial practices of interrelating, The Bardo weaves divine feminine wisdom traditions with modern embodiment practices, and post modern healing modalities through soundscapes, storytelling, and inner world explorations.  We welcome you to join us as we travel the undercurrent of lunar practices that pulse through this Steel City.

Held monthly, The Bardo invites you to participate in a 2.5 hour journey through various healing art practices rooted in soma, sound and silence, featuring co-created aspects lead by local guides.  The Bardo offerings shift monthly, different practices, new facilitators, making room for change and inviting you to take part of embracing the unknown. 

For information on our upcoming travels, reach out to Jesi at:  thebardo@b3productions.com

Heart, Breath and Bones: Adaptive Community Yoga Class – TBA