Sound Journey

Explore the power of Sound with Us.

Alyssa and Emiliano will create and share an experiential space of deep relaxation of the PSNS (parasympathetic nervous system) trough an exposure to the soothing waves, vibrations of acoustic instruments and live soundscapes, basic breathing process and a guided visualization to deepen the sensorial experience.

Not only crystal bowls…..We also use gong, a sonic pyramid, water drums, chimes, live soundscapes and diverse field recording archaic sources that will invite the listener into a sound journey through inner realms with the possibility of being led to a contemplation towards an experience of Unity and Wellbeing.

》Pure acoustic instruments 》Live soundscape 》Guided visualisation 》PSNS relief 》Cellular Breathing

Everything in the Universe Vibrates. Vibrations is Sound. We are Vibrations. We are Sound.

Come join us for a unique Sound Experience!

Stay Tuned . .