Ditch the Toolbox for the Art Box

Photo By: @queerfatloud

How did you dance with yourself this week? I have been immersed in a course with the Tamalpa Institute. We are exploring the concept of ‘symbiosis’ by looking at our relationships as creative processes. As humans and artists, we are in constant interaction with countless partners. This includes ourselves, family, friends, and the natural world. With this post, I will share my experience in ditching a TOOLBOX for an ART BOX.

Dancing with Yourself

What is becoming clear to me through this work is that when we practice dancing with OURSELVES, we anchor into our personal “art box.” Subsequently, we gain access to the “supplies” available for us to establish creative, artful relationships with OTHERS. Yes, an ART BOX. Not a TOOLBOX. Because there is nothing to FIX, just discoveries to be made. Therefore, I am going to stop disgracing myself by using language that is harmful to my wholeness. In other words, I am ditching that damn old toolbox I have been carrying around for ages. I am replacing it with a glittered box full of ingenuity, brilliance, and imagination. These are the cardinal materials that will support artful engagement in my relationships.

Forget the Toolbox

The truth is, we are complex beings. It is essential to our happiness to practice being in relationship with the many facets of ourselves. We must include and give permission for the entire cast of players to exist. More importantly, we must learn how to creatively dance with them. Hence, back to dancing!

How have you danced with yourself this week?
Were you an engaged, receptive companion or were you the unwilling and unsociable guest?
Was the dance a re-patterning, a habitual reaction or was it an artful improvisation?
How does your answer relate to how you are dancing with the various partners of your life scape?

Over the next several months, I will be in the studio gathering supplies for my “art box.” I will be exploring how to move with myself and others in spontaneity. I invite you to join me on this creative quest.

~ Alyssa