Resounding Ecosystems

Freedom of movement is slowly coming back to Italy and at least we can start to reconnect with the outdoors.

After spending so much more time indoors and online a simple reflection came to me: Is possible that in some places on this planet there is a total disconnection from green spaces, even a little park is not accessible and some kids grow up not even experiencing a mountain, a forest, a lake, or just fresh breeze. That is scary to me.

Recent studies prove that Nature can help our brains and bodies to stay healthy. 

Oh Really? I mean, it is like to say that Air is good for your health…So the fact that Scientist started to study to prove something that our very body knows in its very DNA it’s curious to me. Even though I understand this research is done to support nature-related therapies that are considered “alternatives” I can’t help to contemplate this dynamic.

Aren’t we Nature? We are born from it. We were forged in the Wild. There it cannot be any separation. Mother Earth is our basic Source of Wellbeing just because the ingredients that we are made of are no different from what is out there. 

Try to keep your mouth shut holding your nostrils closed for 1 minute, what is your body going to do? Your entire world disappear and you only worship one thing : Air.

And when i say Air i personally think straight away of Trees. 

I’ve been an avid hiker my whole life. I was hooked on the experience and just being in nature clears my mind and helps me to feel more grounded and peaceful. 

Being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, and increase our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people.

Inspired by this i did some research and i found this amazing content i am sharing with you.

You can now listen to the sounds of the last three ecosystems untouched by humans.

AMAZON :JauPerì Rio Negro Region 

AFRICA : The Dzanga-Sangha Dense Forest Reserve in Central African Republic 

BORNEO : Ulu Temburong, Mulu, and Kinabalu region

The project was launched by the Italian non-profit organization Fragments of Extinction

The team traveled to the world’s largest remaining areas of primary la forest along the equator (where, given the equal length between days and nights, life cycles – and thus sonic behaviors – are evolutionarily tuned to extremely regular patterns) and recorded 24-hour sound portraits of various habitats within what are considered to be the oldest and most diverse ecosystems on Earth untouched by man.

And apart from the soothing and healing capacity of these sounds, their mission is to use Eco Sound-Art to wide-spread awareness of the public that can influence government’s decisions toward faster global conservation policies and the end destructive development.

For now get comfy, get your best headsets on and tune into this Bliss.

Follow the link below:

That’s all for now.

Remember to care for each other and support your Local Business and Artists : )