Photo by: @queerfatloud Tie Dye Top by: @evolve.or.dye

Happy New Year to you all! As the year is a few months underway, I want to check in with you. I don’t know about you, but I did not set ANY intentions or resolutions this year. If the past few years have taught me anything, it is to roll with the mystery and keep a safe distance from attaching myself to the outcomes.

Receptivity and Improvisation

2022 for me, is all about receptivity and improvisation. A difficult task for my alter-egos Patty Plan and Tina Timeline. They have struggled tremendously throughout the year. These bitches like to see things get accomplished, from personal goals to external activities. These aspects of myself have a deep desire to get shit done. When I try to tell these solar service women that they must tamper back, I get called lazy. These manifesting energies have been my armor, my escorts, and my scouts throughout my life.

Moving Through Discomfort and Transforming Intentions

My 2021 dance has been full of abrupt stops that have required a daily dose of passivity that felt foreign and unfitting. Honestly, the dance of defiance is where I typically find my steady baseline! Moving through the discomfort of uncertainty with grace, while keeping my passions alive, was challenging. For most of 2021, I was utterly confused and frustrated as hell. Patty and Tina were fighting for their lives.

Practicing Embodied Awareness

There was no magic combination of mantra, ritual, or movement that could calm this bitter experience.
No online courses or self-help books to help bypass the disturbing episode. It was a matter of practicing embodied awareness and acknowledging that my lesson was to welcome in the slower, indecisive lunar medicine. I invited these lunar qualities into my actions, my movements, my postures, and conversations:

To not fear spaces that have no clear edges or lines.
Sit in darkness, without answers, engulfed in mystery with receptivity and responsiveness.
Drop the serious task-master tone and release into the joy, pleasure, and play of the moment.

As I let my body experience these alternative characteristics, my stance began to soften into the idea of not knowing. What I found within was a rhythm of improvisation that required an unwed lightness that was downright refreshing. I stepped into a lyrical beat. As a result, I found a cadence that carries the medicine of the ad-lib, the shapeshifter, the unattached, one that is willing to let go.

Letting go of Intentions and Resolutions

Intentions and Resolutions are for Patty and Tina. In honor of this new sacred lyrical rhythm that showed up for me to explore, I am going to shift, sway, shimmy, trot, jump and twirl in and out of each moment – responding to what the experience requires of me, without judgment. I hope to share some impromptu with you as we move through 2022.

~ Alyssa